Tasty and healthy

Black George catering is the perfect choice and the right decision if you want to eat healthy and tasty, at home or at work (company). Our work and success in business is evidenced by the very rich work experience of our chefs, as well as the kitchen for food preparation, which is in line with the valid professional standard. We can offer you the most beautiful salty and sweet snacks for all kinds of celebrations, but also everyday enjoyment, as well as quality and delicious ready-made dishes.

Catering for all types of celebrations

Black George offers you food preparation and delivery services for all types of celebrations:

Our offer includes a wide range of top specialties of local and international cuisine that will surely delight all your guests, associates or business partners. When preparing food for all types of celebrations (catering for birthdays, weddings, celebrations, celebrations in companies), we pay special attention to the selection of the highest quality ingredients, which gives our dishes top quality and taste.

ketering iz restorana Black George
ketering specijali iz restorana Black George

Cooked dishes - delivery for companies

Black George catering for companies, includes the delivery of food and ready meals for workers and companies. Order a balanced meal consisting of soup or broth, main course, salad and cake.