We organize all kinds of celebrations for you

In the 200m2 restaurant in addition to the standard services of our restaurant, we can offer:

Whether it’s organizing a Vip event, motivating employees, launching a new product, “team building event”, corporate, New Year’s or private celebrations, Black George is here to welcome you in an adequate way and above all with professional service and the best price ratio and quality.

Corporate celebrations

Corporate celebration requires a special level of organization and attention, especially when your job is to choose an environment for this occasion. Equally important is space, food, decoration, invitations, as well as many other details that can make a corporate-type celebration unique and above all enjoyable for all employees.

There’s a saying that the most valuable asset and the greatest success of any company is its employees, so it is very important that the celebration space you choose can satisfy different tastes.

With its offer, Black George offers you a unique opportunity to present your successful business story at a satisfactory level, with it’s unique atmosphere. We are here primarily to help you with all the details that may interest you about the organization, to guide you, advise and give guidelines on organizing the entire event, music program, from welcoming guests to creating events that your employees will remember for a long time.

Organizacija korporativnih proslava u restoranu Black George

A unique space for celebrations in Belgrade

Whether we are organizing a corporate, birthday or other private celebration in Black George for you, you will feel at home.

Pleasant, warm ambience and modern space that is remembered for warmth, ambience, good parties, seductive views and wide smiles will surely relax you and your guests and make them enjoy the celebration in the best way.

Top gastronomic snacks prepared by our chefs will satisfy your appetites and drinks from renowned manufacturers will provide you and your guests with a unique atmosphere that will be remembered for a long time. You can see more about the food and drink offer by clicking on the links below.

Effective organization, you just bring a good mood

When it comes to organizing celebrations, our goal is to conclude all agreements quickly and efficiently, so that, after reaching an agreement, we provide you with as little thinking and as much relaxation at the party. It is up to you to bring a good mood.

We appreciate your precious time and we want every agreement we make to be of mutual satisfaction, with a great atmosphere for all guests present, regardless of whether they are from the country or from abroad. The ultimate goal is a celebration during which everyone will feel comfortable and relaxed.